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Online Personal Assistant Australia

At A1 Assistants, our online personal assistants in Australia are dedicated to organising, managing and maintaining the basic daily, yet important tasks that your growing business may not have time to complete. Our comprehensive list includes everything to keep your business functioning effectively, leaving you to get on with important tasks.

We offer an array of professional business services which we can tailor to your needs.

Email Correspondence Management

Stay on top of your business correspondence thanks to your online personal assistant in Australia. Your A1 Assistant can respond to your client enquiries according to your specifications and templates, saving you time and allowing you to run your business more effectively.

Recruitment Services

Use your personal assistant to simplify the employment process. Your virtual assistant can assist in writing and placing any advertisements necessary. Email employment applications to your personal A1 Assistant, who will verify past employment, call references, conduct initial phone interviews and narrow the selection criteria to suitable employees.

Competitor Research

Stay ahead of your competitors with the help of your personal virtual assistant, who can complete online research and compile a list of websites and information for your perusal.

Confirm Sales Appointments

Your online Personal Assistant in Australia can help manage your appointment schedule, calling, confirming or rescheduling standing appointments.

Direct Mail Management

Are you looking to deliver direct mail to a client list, but the list is missing vital information? Your personal assistant can do the tedious work for you, researching and contacting each name to verify contact details.

Email Database Management

Your virtual assistant can keep your email database in order, adding and deleting subscriptions, and posting announcements to lists.

Travel requirements

Your A1 Assistant can serve as your personal travel agent, coordinating itineraries, air travel, car rental and hotel reservations.

Organising Venues

Utilise your Virtual Assistant to research suitable venues for your next conference, seminar or event. Availability, venue sizes, specifications and quotes are obtained for your perusal.

Data Entry

Keep your data up-to-date and organised thanks to your A1 Assistant.

Personal Assistant on demand

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